Jessica Urlichs: Early Motherhood Poetry & Prose Collection (3 book series)


Jessica Urlichs' Poetry & Prose series of early motherhood, takes mothers on a journey from the moment they meet their baby, to when they meet themselves as a mother, right through to toddlerhood and having two under two. Jess's books have travelled round the world as reminders to mother's that they are not alone and speak to the soul of motherhood.

Jess delves into the raw, the real, the impact on our relationships, the beautiful transformation we go through as mothers. She takes the reader on a journey back to themselves and to the present moment, one we sometimes forget to cherish.
Whether you laugh or cry these books make the perfect gift to a new mother or the essential addition to your bedside table.

"Your poetry touches my soul"

"Thank you for writing what most of us feel, but can't describe"

"I find myself opening the book to a random page and your words bring me to tears, while lifting my shoulders"