Imani i2+ Electrical Breast Pump (Clear Cup) - 1 pair


This is the updated imani i2+ wearable breast pump in clear cups (Essten) and a soft, silicone funnel. This enhanced i2+ has an additional LCD screen on the breastpump showing:

  1. How long you have pumped (Timer)
  2. Battery life
  3. Mode that you are on (Massage / Expression)
  4. Level of intensity (level 1 to 5)

Imani i2+ Electric Breast Pump is a compact handsfree design breast pump that gives you the convenience to discreetly pump anytime and anywhere. No more huge motor, tubes, or wires to carry. No more audible whooshing sound to hear. You can wear it under your bra to pump. Perfect for returning to work mummies to pump at your work desk!


i2+ comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on the main pump (excluding pump parts and accessories). Warranty period will start from date of purchase or date of birth of baby, whichever later. For more information, please check warranty terms and condition.

Please use the cables provided in the pump to charge. Using other cables may damage the pump. Warranty will be voided if pump damage is due to unsuitable cable used.

Product Specification

i2+ Body

  • Size : W80mm x L65mm x H60mm
  • Weight : 160g

Handsfree Cup (Clear)

  • Height : 69mm
  • Funnel diameter (mouth) : 109mm
  • Capacity: 7 Oz, 200ml


  • Duration : about 3h
  • Charging Time : about 2h 30m


Care Instruction

Suitable for UV sterilization and Boiling (no longer than 30 sec). Please DO NOT steam sterilize.