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Parenting during a pandemic

Last year's lockdown in Singapore did not bring out my finest moments in parenting.

I was pregnant with Emma and trying to entertain a 2.5 year old toddler, while managing the demands of a new job. I was in meetings more than half the day and often had to think of activities for Ethan to "self entertain". Youtube was a last resort, but a neccessary "evil" - Cocomelon and Blippi, anyone? I remember presenting on a video call with over 100 participants, with Ethan watching Cocomelon in the background.

I wanted to try painting and colouring but most of the paints, brushes, and even markers were out of stock. I guess most of us had the same ideas! Since then I have been stocking up supplies, and came across these Ooly products. They are bright, fun, happy, and easy to use for the little ones! Ethan really took to them and absolutely loves art and craft projects now!

Ooly paints, markers, pens and colouring books - great for a weekend afternoon activity, and part of my Heightened Alert survival kit!