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Momomi Soft-Touch Mats

Momomi Soft-Touch Mats


I first came across the Momomi mat while Ethan was on a playdate.

We were over at the place of Ethan's classmate, a spacious three bedroom apartment that was beautifully done up in a wood-and-concrete theme.

The three boys often play together after school, and they wasted no time in doing so once we arrived. They were having a whale of a time - pretending to be patients and doctors, playing with cars, then watching youtube while sprawled on the huge carpet in the middle of the living room.

Meanwhile the adults chatted on the joys (and woes) of parenthood - the dreaded threenage, the tantrums, and Blippi.

I nearly had a heart attack as Ethan gingerly brought me a cup of apple juice across the living room over the huge carpet.

Our kind hosts assured me that the mat was easy to clean if Ethan spills his beverage (thank God he didn't!) and started sharing more about their well-used mat. Their children have been using it as a playmat since young, and even nap on it. In fact, they love the mat so much they have two of it!